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ICCIN provides free reliable cyber intelligence for qualified organizations

Cyber Intelligence

Provide actionable Cyber-Intelligence to monitor internal network traffic.


Provides Actionable intelligence of IP addresses and URLs known as C2 and distribution points.


Based on Unique technology and methodology built after years of reasearch and development.


Provides secure REST API that can be called to receive updates. you dont need to send ICCIN anything.


Membership includes training and consulting about integration.

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Free for use by qualified organizations.


0% Flase Positive intelligence.

The data is received from Nucleon cyber intelligence services. The data is collected from polymorphic sensors which are A.I driven reverse reconnaissance devices. The data collected is analyzed and processed using special database and methodology to find the relations between attacks and analyze the most dangerous once. Based on Nucleon’s Artificial Intelligence framework, ICCIN improve the way threats are analyzed and produce accurate results. The A.I is using the latest technology stack available and based on its own Neural Networks for learning and detecting new threats autonomously, Using Data Awareness it is possible to find hidden links and relations between cyber attacks that couldnt be find before, resulting in a unique high quality feed of specific threats currently spreading.dasdas

How it works

Join ICCIN and add reliable proactive capabilites to your organizations!


ICCIN established with the goal of sharing actionable Targeted Cyber Intelligence that might be critical to sensitive networks. ICCIN is a closed network for governments founded by Nucleon Cyber intelligence technologies, with the ultimate goal of enabling enterprises and governments to predict threats before they become breaches. ICCIN is based on the latest versions of Nucleon Intelligence and able to gather unique indicators of malware that slips thru other cyber security tools.

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